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About us 



We manufacture E-Scooters with italian technology, that thrive on sustainability and the conserved longevity of energy - with the added dose of advanced mechanics and dynamical designs.Our vision resides in the fact that we envision future mobility along with intelligent commuting - a truly futuristic existence in the present climate.

providing a green and clean, healthy and friendly environment: an absolute ecosystem for our beloved Indian riders. At the same time, we deliver the most seamless, efficient, and enjoyable riding experience.
Therefore, getting both ‘your’ world and ‘the’ world a step closer to the fundamental future.

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With millions of kilometers driven fully electric around,we are able to meet all your needs for ideation, development, prototyping and homologation.EV Technology supports analysis and development of technology options for the optimizations of the electric vehicle (EV) layout in its components such as Human Machine Interface, Drivetrain, Battery Management System, Vehicle Control Unit.

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